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Main Interface Button Explained

Item style display in row and column.
QUICK PICKS Item style display in buttons for easy adding of items.
HOLD SALES To hold a sales transaction such table order or takeout order for later billing.
TENDER This button will ask for the payment type such cash, credit card etc.
BACKOFFICE Web based interface for entering items, pricing, purchasing etc.. and viewing reports.
LOOKUP To search for items based on description.
S.O. Retrieve sales order transaction for tendering. This is primarily use for frontliner and cashier setup.
RETURNS Sales item transaction return interface.
VOID Voiding a transcation
CASH COUNT Interface to input cash count, pick up and change fund.
REPRINT OR Reprint sales transaction receipt.
TAG This is a special interface to handle a sales transaction it varies per type of business.
TOGGLE SEARCH Adding/Searching of items based on Code or Description.
ADD QTY Adding item quantity.
MINUS QTY Deducting item quantity.
DISCOUNTS Line item discounts.
ITEM SETUP Interface to change description, quantity and price.
TOGGLE VAT Change item if vatable or not.
TOGGLE DISC Change item if it is included for discount or not.
CHANGE PRICE Change price interface.
REMOVE Remove highligthed item.
CLEAR SALES Reset current sales transaction and start a new one.

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