GPS Tracking System -- Reduce costs and increase profits by keeping track of your fleet with BitFleet Management system. Our GPRS Plan is a free version and has all the features except SMS.


  • Outside Base Vehicles
  • Inside Base Vehicles
  • Idle Vehicles
  • Vehicle Stops List / Map
  • Vehicle Speeding List / Map
  • Vehicle Fueling
  • Vehicle Utilization
  • Vehicle Destination Management
  • RealTime Vehicle Map Location
  • GPRS Mode
  • Device Auto Configuration
  • Over speeding notification automatically send to driver mobile number (see SMS Mode)
  • Send SMS message to driver (see SMS Mode)
  • SOS notification to multiple mobile number (see SMS Mode)

What is different between GPRS and SMS Mode?

Supported Devices : TK103, TK104 and TK106. Other devices will be available upon request

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