LiveHelp4Us provides you a complete solution for small business the efficiency of large companies at prices that are affordable. LiveHelp4Us has designed hybrid software programs to fit the size and functional needs of different retailers. Leveraging software technology and combining the power of the two great operating system Microsoft and Linux. Our point of sale terminal runs on Microsoft operating system to make sure hardware  and software drivers are compatible. Our BackOffice web based software runs on Linux operating system to make sure it can handle millions of transaction per day. The database server we use is  "MariaDB Galera Cluster" to guarantee No lost transactions.

Choose your deployment 

or contact us to help you decide which deployment is suitable for your retail business.

 : For retailers that has small branches across the country. This is the ideal deployment if you want to access data information from branches in real time and get the report you wanted as quickly as you can.

Local Area Network : This is the traditional deployment for retail business where computers & servers are connected on the same network within the building.

Cloud + Local Area Network : This is the suggested deployment for large companies where both realtime and offline data transaction is revelant to the business model such as franchising.

make the right choice for your point of sale hardware visit our hardware store now.

Here at LiveHelp4Us, we understand that your business is unique in your own way of processing transaction and that’s the reason we exist in order to provide you the tools you need to run your business effectively. We will not ask you to adopt our software we rather say, "our software will adopt to your business".

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