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About us

Livehelp4us provides I.T. technical support,

For 6 years Livehelp4us provides I.T. technical support that is so necessary in today's internet environment. The free technical support that is readily available today is so useless that it merely is a time wasting endeavor where no positive results can be expected. I.T. users both at home and in the office face a host of technical and other problems that today's operating systems and software applications can create. The augmentation of technical manuals with third party online website technical support merely provide short term fixes instead of properly instructing the user. Friendly, customer oriented, and affordable I.T. technical support is what livehelp4us can provide for your business.

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Industry Experiences

* General accounting
* Banking
* School
* Hospital
* Manufacturing
* Retail, Inventory & Purchasing
* Accounting System
* Hotel Billing
* Hotel Room RF Door System
* Telecommunication Billing
* Cable TV Billing
* Electricity Billing
* Water Billing
* Physical Networking setup
* Internet Networking setup
* Mobile application
* Community Softwares
* Email System
* Server management
* Cloud computing
* Point of sale software
* Point of sale cash register
* Android Application
* Lending
* Farming
* Search Engine Optimization
* Vehicle Tracking System
* GPS Devices
* SMS (Short-Messaging) Solution
* Operating System Virtualization
* IP TV Backend System
* Large Scale VOIP / IP-PBX System
* CCTV and Security System
* Large IP Bandwidth Management System
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