What is Livehelp4us? Livehelp4us is a computer I.T. technical support and software developer company that can provide the service that is needed by most business that need a high availability of service all the time.

What can Livehelp4us do for my business? We can provide I.T. administration and technical services for your business such as forum and chat moderation, data protection and backup, installation of critical updates. In general we see to your overall computer and business well-being.

How can Livehelp4us help your business? We provide live friendly and interactive service to customers who experience any problems regarding business transactions. the instructions we provide are step by step and designed to be easily understandable to the layman.

How is live support advantageous for my Business? When any customer experience recurring problems with your business and repeatedly receive no resolution, they may become frustrated and not come back to your business. live technical support is the answer to resolving problems easily and speedily.

Can Livehelp4us provide quality service for my business? Livehelp4us is a professional outfit who will provide world class services for you 24/7. The quality of our computer engineers, software engineers, and live agents has been proven in fields like government service, education, and the private sector.

What kind of technical support does Livehelp4us provide for my business? We provide Vendor specific support for software and hardware by Dell, HP, Compaq, IBM, Microsoft, Unix/Linux, Custom Software, BitPOS, BitFleet, Apple, Plesk, cPanel/WHM, Boonex, PhpFox, OsCommerce, Zen Cart, X-Cart, MacAfee, Symantec, Gateway, Sony, etc. we also safeguard your data with backup and other data protections services.

How much does Livehelp4us charge for live/onsite I.T. technical support? live support will cost a reasonable $119.99USD for a month plus $50USD for setup. This buys you a full month's service and up to 30hours per month at the hours you need them.

For further information visit our Knowledgebase or submit a ticket

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