Our capabilities

The step by step approach in our technical support and business troubleshooting services is specially developed to be understandable for even the casual computer user. Our approach is specially designed for quickly and accurately identifying the most common software and hardware problems. Proper technical assistance is readily available from our experienced support professionals in interactive sessions that provide the maximum information to the business support user. Vendor specific support for software and more can be easily arranged. The services we offer will be always customer-oriented, friendly, and affordable.

Our advantages

Livehelp4us provides brandable business technical support that is so necessary in today's internet environment. The free technical support that is readily available today is so useless that it merely is a time wasting endeavor where no positive results can be expected. Business users both at home and in the office face a host of technical and other problems that today's operating systems and software applications can create. The augmentation of technical manuals with third party online website technical support merely provide short term fixes instead of properly instructing the user. Friendly, customer oriented, and affordable I.T. technical support is what livehelp4us can provide for your business.

Professional world class business I.T. technical support with a live agent on the phone gives the personal touch that so many businesses need to establish a connection with their customers. The friendly interactive approach that is our hallmark helps your customers to master and solve the business problems that crop up often in the installation of new hardware or operating systems like Microsoft XP,Vista, 7 & 8 anti-virus software, and virus updates. The real time advice that users get while observing will help them to become proficient at solving their technical problems. Proven tips on how to install, upgrade, maintain new hardware and software are available just a phone call away. A working internet connection is no longer necessary in locating errors, in repairing and optimizing the system. Our expert I.T. technical support can deliver our specially crafted step by step instructions over the phone.

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